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3rd January 2006, 07:16 PM

I tried to boot of a Ubuntu Live CD just before, and I got an error that scares me a little...

I booted from CD, then got a black screen where I had to hit Enter to continue booting.
Everything was normal up to that point. That's when the above screen came up.

At first I thought it was my RAM, so I removed the 2x 512mb sticks and tried again... same deal.
Then I put the 2x 512s back in, and removed the 2x256mb sticks... same deal.
So that rules out the RAM.

The error came up just after it started putting data onto the RAM-disk, and the error itself seems to have come up from prom_init.
The machine freezes at this stage too... I have to power it off to get going again.

I've had some continuous and somewhat inexplicable problems with the Finder on this machine, but I've learned to live with it (but I'm still planning to do another reinstall when 10.4.4 is released).
For some reason I suspect one of two things... The two problems are related, or there is a bug in the code of the Ubuntu Live CD.

I get the impression from the screenshot that Open Firmware generated the error...
Anyone know what might have caused this, and if the error was generated from Open Firmware, how can I get in to verify it doesn't come up during MacOS boots (and is being suppressed)?

- David

3rd January 2006, 08:33 PM
Edit: Missread the original post.

Does this happen with Mac OS X?

What machine is it?

3rd January 2006, 08:38 PM
It happened when I booted of a Ubuntu Live CD on my Power Mac G5...
I now know what happened... You have to tell the CD to boot off the live-powerpc64 kernel, otherwise it defaults to something which just doesn't work (and gives the error I got).

This is exactly why Linux won't be a mainstream desktop OS any time soon... It's wasn't entirely obvious that I had to do anything but hit enter when it prompted me. I was worried my machine had a serious problem for an hour or two there.