View Full Version : MacBook Uni-Body White Mid-2010 Trackpad Glitchy

18th November 2012, 05:21 PM
Hey Guys,

Yesterday my trackpad on my MacBook seemed to be able to click and move by itself. Id be moving an icon and mid way it would drop it, then click again. It was unusable and would only fix itself after a restart. This would also only happen occasionally and unexpected. So i took it into the Apple Store at Chermside, and of course it displayed no problems and behaved perfectly. The bloke run the diagnostics and found that my CD wasnt connected. Handy to know as I had never used it before. So he reconnected it. So what he suggested to do was reset the HDD, RAM, and do a full clean install to see if it was Software or Hardware related. So he did that for me.

Sooooo i took it home and installed my regular first installs. Quicksilver, Firefox, Thunderbird, Air Parrot, iStat menus.

Guess what its doing it again. :( I have tried cleaning my fingers as well as cleaning the trackpad. This hasn't helped the situation. My Question: Are you able to scroll smoothly down the whole length of the trackpad. It seems to be glitchy along the line of where on a normal laptop with visible buttons they join to the trackpad. E.G if you place the cursor at the top of the page and scroll down, when your finger is about half way down the trackpad the cursor slows/stops then continues on when you continue to move your finger. Is this normal, or am i up for a new Trackpad?