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30th December 2005, 12:55 PM
Hi all,
I've had some delays in ordering my 12" iBook, and the new eta is for sometime next week.
I've heard that it's not generally too good an idea to grab first gen Apple hardware (esp with moving to a new arch), so I don't mind getting the older hardware.

When the new models come out the older models will obviously get reduced in price to clear them out.
I'm wanting to find out whether people (who have more experience with Apple) beleive it is worth:
a) just letting my curent order continue and getting the G4 for current prices
B) the hassle of cancelling my current order and waiting a few more weeks (what are the discounts for older models usually like?)
c) putting up with possible bugs and getting the new iBooks (if they come out)

This all depends on if Apple indeed are releasing new iBook models, but I think there is a reasonable chance of this happening.
Cheers! :)

30th December 2005, 12:59 PM
Speaking from personal experience, I'd cancel the order and wait a few weeks, otherwise you'll feel the pain of something faster and better coming out for either the same price, or even less.

30th December 2005, 01:00 PM
I'd probably cancel the order...
While first gen Apple products may be more prone to bugs, Apple also have a very large chunk of the IT industry watching them right now. If they're going to release an Intel anything, it's gotta be tested and checked more rigorously than any previous mac. If the Intel macs get a stigma attached from the first generation, it's not going to be good...

I suppose it depends on when you need the machine, and what you want to use it for.
Even still, I'd wait till something is announced.

30th December 2005, 01:28 PM
Thanks for the replies guys.
I'm going to go and try and cancel it now.

30th December 2005, 04:39 PM
Ok managed to cancel my order :D
Just got a reply from power.com.au to advise they still have a number of the:
PBG4 12/1.5GHZ/512MB/60GB Hard Drive/Combo Drive/Airport Xtreme/BT
available going for the $1400 mark

These come with limited warranty but I would have been factoring in AppleCare anyway so this isn't a big issue to me.
So people with experience please help me decide...

The 12" Powerbook looks damn nice, is small, good size hdd etc (Ram configuration sucks but I can replace the 256 stick with 512 easy enough for 768 which is adequate).

So would I be better to get one of these Powerbooks or do people beleive there is a compelling reason to wait for the new iBooks?
Cheers again for the help guys.

30th December 2005, 04:57 PM
If you need it now, get the PB.

If you want to wait, then wait. It's your money.