View Full Version : AGP video card for G4 (Sawtooth)

25th August 2004, 03:24 PM
I've beening doing some reading about flashing PC video cards for the Mac.
Still started when I had a G4 Yikes!. The options were pretty much limited to a Radeon 7000. No problem.
The G4 Yikes! has been sold and I now have a G4 Sawtooth with AGP.

Now the options are a lot more complicated. THe Sawtooth has AGP 2X, which is going to limit which cards I can use.
I'm guessing that any AGP 8x cards like the nVidia FX5200 is out.
Radeon 8500 seems almost impossible to come across.

So what real options do I have left to me ?
Geforce 2MX ?

I can't believe I sold a PC with an ASUS 7100 (Geforce2 MX 32MB) video card about 6 weeks ago. Doh!

25th August 2004, 03:33 PM
I'm looking to flash a video card for my cube in the near future - What i find out i'll post here to share. :)

25th August 2004, 08:17 PM
Radeon 8500 is the way to go, plenty on eBay, cheap 100 AUD max, almost all versions works. There is a crappy hercules model about which doesn't support dual head or something. Anyway they are easy to flash, don't need a PC, you can use 3D overrides with the Radeon Enabler and the performance is decent.

Stay away from the flashed GeForce 3's unless you have a 4x AGP slot, they have a flickering issue in 2x slots.

Both of you should check out cubeowner.com they now have a dedicated section in their forums for modding video cards.

EDIT - should have mentioned if either of you are interested I've a Radeon 7000, DVI VGA and S-video out, supports Quartz Extreme, 32 MB VRAM. It will be fine in a tower but you'll need to move the DC/DC board to fit it in a cube.

25th August 2004, 09:00 PM
my 2c

The 8500 is your best bet, i got 3 from ebay ( hav'nt tried flashing them yet - hav'nt had time ) the mistake i wish i hadn't made was not looking closely at the orig mac 8500, there is a small chip next to the gpu that will enable dual monitors, mines exacly the same as the org mac 8500 ex the 2nd monitor chip, it's worth looking for 'cause the price difference is only a few $.

You'll also have to look at getting the macbuidulle ( or whater hardmac translates to ) 8500 rom editor kit that will allow you to build your own custom cpu/ram speed bios ROM, there are a few different memory speeds, gpu speeds produced. DEpending on the manufacturer of the board ( try to get the pc ATI card )

you are better off starting at a low speed of say 230/230 and pushing it up till it you don't see any lines/artifacts.

25th August 2004, 09:43 PM
The 8500 is great, but a bit of a waste in such an old machine. You wont have the Mhz to run games decently, mostly due to the majority of games being dodgy ports of PC versions which run 3 times as slow at the equivalent Mhz.

However, the 8500 would be a good investment if you later were to buy something like a faster second-hand G4, many of which only have the GeForce4mx in them.

25th August 2004, 10:10 PM
Another thumbs up for the Radeon 8500 - you've card that will flash over easily/guaranteed to a Mac, unlike the (much cheaper, however) Radeon 7x00 series which are becoming less and less of a certainty due to the hobbled ROM chips used in many models. On a low-end G4 the 8500 is an overkill as Currawong said, but smoooth for QE on any machine. Another benefit for these machines is working TV-out, great for DVD or DivX playback.

Geforce cards are obviously more common, and another good choice - see here (http://www.cybercoment.com/macgeforce.htm) for a list of compatible models. Oh, and TV-out doesn't work as the Apple driver does not support it. Yeah that ASUS card would have been bloody perfect regardless :)