View Full Version : CDRW for G3 Powerbook (Wall Street)

25th August 2004, 11:36 AM
In a fit of mad optimism (inspired by info on Accelerate Your Mac), I bought a Matsushita UJDA310L CDRW drive (out of a Gateway laptop) to replace the dead CDROM in the expansion bay of my 266Mhz G3 Powerbook. I gutted the Apple caddy and the new drive fits neatly within it with about 5mm to spare at the back. Problem is the UJDA310 has a 50-pin ATAPI IDE (?) connector at the back and the Apple caddy has a 45-pin device. How can I connect them? I would have tried the Accelerate Your Mac BB first but they are closed to new registrations.

25th August 2004, 10:21 PM
Firstly welcome to the forums massimo :)

Is there a possibility of gutting the connector from your dead Apple drive, to be transferred over to your new one? Often it's just attached by a ribbon cable.

Most recent notebook drives are fairly standard, all conform to ATAPI guidelines, but the drive's connector can vary wildly from one to the other, and it's position. I'm at present intending to hack an Apple 24X from a PB1400 (or iBook, not sure yet!) to fit into my Compaq iPaq SFF PC, which uses an unusual notebook expansion bay for optical drives.