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10th March 2012, 11:36 PM
Hi guys,
I've been thinking and considering for two weeks and have come down to two choices for my new machine for uni. the new Ipad + keyboard folio ( cannot make good note taking on onscreen keyboard) and HP Folio 13. I'll be using lots of pdf reading and annotating, surfing web, note taking. I have an acer lap at home but it's freaking heavy, that's why I have to buy a new one. Please help me decide.
1/ Functions:
i think both devices can do those tasks just fine. But to me, coz I've been using windows for more than 8 years and I'm familiar in Win, the HP can do more, such as multi tasking, processing faster (it's core i5 compared to A5X, also 128SSD compared to 32Gb(the one that I want). I believe I can do more things with the ultrabook. However, 1. my old lappy is still functioning well. 2. I'm just using the new device at school, buying the ultrabook maybe too much for me.
But if I buy the ultrabook, I can work practically everywhere. Uni or home is the same. The Ipad, I need synchronise and other things emerging from the two different platforms, and after all, I can't fully work productively in just the Ipad, to me it can't be a viable substitute for a Windows laptop.
2/ Portability: I think both are extremely portable, but of course the Ipad is a little bit more. Using the ipad would be easier for reading, browsing. I said "a little bit more" becoz I think the ultrabook is very portable, and it won't make much difference.
3/ Pricing: the ipad option would be cheaper than the ultrabook option $300 (if I choose 16gb) and $200 (32gb).
After all, because of the two important criteria: pricing and my need ( I mean if I buy the ultrabook, perhaps my old laptop would be thrown to the corner. My old one is still very OK), I can't make up my mind. The price difference may not be important, coz I'm gonna use the new device for a long time, at least two years.
I am leaning towards the ipad option (60%).
Do you guys have any ideas? Any flaws in my reasoning? All comments would be greatly appreciated.

10th March 2012, 11:40 PM
I would prefer the ipad, I always leave my Dell 13 inch at work these days and take an Ipad because when I travel it isn't just the laptop, but the bloody great power brick as well.

But it is obvious you want the ultrabook. You have to live with it for a long while, get what you want.

11th March 2012, 01:34 PM
why not a MacBook Air?

11th March 2012, 02:35 PM
why not a MacBook Air?

I was thinking the same. The RRP of the HP isn't far off the MBA and why take the pretender when the original is still the leader?

11th March 2012, 03:07 PM
Because I've been using windows for quite a long time and I don't want to spend time exploring the mac os.

12th March 2012, 08:25 AM
Coupla thoughts. How's battery life on the ultra book? You'll get all day out of the iPad. If it was your only computer the ultra book would be a no brainer. But since you're looking for a second device rather than a replacement, the iPad sounds like it would do you. I wouldn't want to use it for writing assignments, but for note-taking its great. Switching screens is a simple four finger swipe so that's not too bad. And you get the flexibility of having two different kinds of devices. The ultra book is just a skinny laptop after all.