View Full Version : iDvd 5 & Themes

3rd December 2005, 05:50 PM
My iDvd 4 unexpectedly has gotten lost in my system, and I cannot open it. I downloaded a copy of iDvd 5, but it has not themes! So it is a bit useless. Is there a way to get the themes back? My iLife disk doesn't have iDvd or Garageband on it for some reason, so I cannot reinstall. Is there any way to get this program back, as I need to burn a disk, and the iDvd had such great themes, etc.

I've tried to reinstall the disks that came with my iBook, have downloaded Pacifist to try and find the files on the disks, but it says 0 mb in the file. I'm running OSX with the latest downloads, etc, and everything is up to date.

Thanks for any advice!


3rd December 2005, 06:00 PM
iLife 05 comes as a 2 disc set - there's a CD, and a DVD. Only the DVD has iDVD and GarageBand on it. You'll need to use the DVD to re-install it.