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20th August 2004, 12:07 PM
Hi. I'm wondering why this will not work... I have made aliases to network directories which are shared folders on a few other computers in my house (running winXP :( ). If I double click on the aliases the folders will automatically mount and open which is lovely and how it's supposed to be.

However, I want easy access to these aliases but don't want them cluttering the desktop because when each one mounts it can get kinda full so I put the aliases in a fonder in documents and put them in the dock. BUT... when I click on them in the dock, the folders do NOT mount. If the folders are already mounted they will open though.

Is there any way to make them automatically mount the volume from the dock or am I stuck having to use the actual aliases and not the dock icons.

PS- OT but how do you change icons (pictures) in osx? I don't like the standard netowrk icon... looks boring and I would like to have something that distunguishes the folders, especially in the dock so I don't have to roll over them to see what they are.

Oh, if you're wondering why I don't just leave the volumes mounted... this is on my ibook which I take just about everywhere. When I get home to my desk I like to plug it in and get file and stuff off the other computers.

thanks :P

oh... also... if I wanted to use folder actions, do I configure it to the alias or the mounted volume?


I have a few more questions that I may as well ask instead of creating hundreds of new topics. Firstly... is there any way to transfer music to my ipod over the network. I keep all of my music organise on my PC but it doesn't have firewire, only my ibook does and so for the time being (at least until buy a usb 2.0 cable for my ipod) I've been sharing my music directory on my PC and then adding these song to itunes on my ibook over the network. It's a slow process but works... kinda.

Also... my show hidden files script has suddenly stopped working. I don't know why and i think it might have been one of the new apple updates. It used to work perfectly but now it doesn't do anything at all and I suspect it's actually crashing and no re-loading finder like it should be. Finder reloads, but I think that may just because it crashed in the first place and not because the script is re-loading it. I want to be able to access the hidden files on my ipod without having to open up terminal and ls -a and all that crap (i'm not the best at linux).

25th August 2004, 01:00 AM

ok then. I solved one of my problems in a very very crude way... if anyone comes up with something better be my guest until them... meh.

I wrote a very simple apple script consisting of

tell application "finder"
open {alias "BLEH:BLEH:BLEH:ALIAS"}
end tell

where BLEH:BLEH:BLEH: is the path to the alias and ALIAS is the alias to the network volume.

Now I just saved it as an applicaiton and run only. Put it in the dock and it works a treat. Unfortunatly the icon is ugly... and with a couple of them I have to roll over them in the dock to find out what they are.

SO I will ask again... how to change icons, especially in the dock.

ps- i'm very proud of my effort. I not exactly mac literate.

ppss- I probably could do it entirly through apple scripts (have the script mount the volume and open it and everything) but this was much much easier.

edit: afterthough. Can someone link me to a document of applescript source code? Like a document listing all the syntaxes and everything. I think they're kinda cool and would love to make some more that would automate things for me.

kim jong il
25th August 2004, 05:04 AM
Changing dock icons? This should be worth a look. A comprehensive step by step guide for 10.3.x. can be found at:
The above site also contain a link to a helper application for changing system icons which I have added below.

Can't answer your other questions though. I haven't mucked around with scripting at all. Sorry

EDIT: applescript syntax? a collection of documents can be found here: http://www.acm.uiuc.edu/macwarriors/worksh...ubroutines.html (http://www.acm.uiuc.edu/macwarriors/workshops/applescript/1996/3_subroutines.html) It maybe what you are looking for. I can't tell because it is outside my experience.

cheers, kim