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2nd December 2005, 12:35 PM
Hello, I'am new here. A while ago I got a mac 5500/225 for free from a friend of my mother's. It worked for about a week then it chashed. :cry: Now all it does is bring up a screen where it has a blinking question mark on a floppy. If you stick in a disc it seems to not reposed but if you stick in a floppy it will spit it out and put a x in the floppy on the srceen. It has something missing form it (hardware). If you have the back end pointed at you and the back panel off (never had one to start with) to the right there is a whole where I am gessing hardware was and a cable not plugged in to anything. I think it was a modem because like I said it worked for like a week so I doubt it was anything vatel to the system. But I know very little about Macs(I mean very little). Waht I want is to install a new OS(operating system) to it. I think 7.5.3 is the right one but I really don't know jack on Macs. I can't figure out who to do it. I'am going to be making the boot disk on a Windows XP (I know I will have to probly accully make it at a friends house because I think it is going to be on floppy and I don't have a floppy drive). So any help would be greatly thanked. I would like the quickest way if you know a few ways to do it.

I can burn cd-r and cd-rw if it will make the process of getting it up any faster.

2nd December 2005, 12:43 PM
more spec plz...
Amount of ram hdd size etc...

I would recommend finding a copy of os x 8.5-9.1 (CD) and install it!!!!


EBAY IT!!!!!!!!

2nd December 2005, 12:52 PM
I am trying to not really use any cash on it or at least untill it runs. I don't know hhd size bt in the model spec (somewhere on the web) it said it has a 2GB or 8GB RAM I have no idea. I figured 7.5.3 would be easiest to in stall on it since it's the min according to the specs(if Iam wrong, like I said earlier, I am cluesless on mac). Any more suggestions?

2nd December 2005, 01:15 PM
The original OS for a PowerMac 5500 was 7.5.5, the maximum is 9.1.

It came with a standard 2GB HDD, but this may have been upgraded (although i doubt it).

No RAM as standard, but can take a maximum of 128mb over 2 slots (i.e. 64mb each DIMM).

However, specs aside, it shouldn't be too hard to get this machine working, without spending any moolah either. g3monster got a wee bit carried away :P
The flashing question mark on a floppy disk is telling you that no bootable disk can be found, making me think that the HDD in the machine has died. When you stick in a floppy disk, it looks over the floppy disk for bootable OS files, and if these cannot be found it will simply do nothing. You will need to get a copy of OS 7.5.3 (which is now free, http://www.lowendmac.com/macos.shtml (http://www.lowendmac.com/macos.shtml)), put it on a floppy disk, then try this disk in the machine. Let us know what it does then.

2nd December 2005, 01:20 PM
Haven tried yet but I will when I can. I heard I have to like redo the file so it can read it beacause it was set to that format so it could be put on the web. Do you know any thing about that or is it usally just copy to a floppy and puttin then it works?