View Full Version : Location services giving wrong suburb

27th October 2011, 10:11 AM
Anyone know how to change or set Apples location services to a correct suburb?

I want to set reminders for when i leave and get HOME but built in location thinks HOME is another suburb name so the
Alarms and Alerts never get activated

e.g. I live in Point Cook, Victoria, 3030

and i have my HOME set for:

house number, street, Point Cook, Victoria, 3030

but when i click on current location it thinks it is

house number, street, Wyndham, Victoria, 3030

Wyndham is the name of the Local Council not a suburb.

It is not a new suburb and has been around for around 30 years.

All Tomtom and other GPS devices can navigate to our correct HOME address fine

Any Ideas how to fix it?

I don't want to change Home address as its our real address and i get a lot of stuff
shipped here using the same account

This also occurs with Find My Friends as well

27th October 2011, 10:27 AM
I have this as well. I live in cockatoo but it is giving me Cardinia as the town (which is the shire)