View Full Version : Steve Jobs Discusses An Apple Television: “I finally cracked it.”

22nd October 2011, 08:37 PM
‘I’d like to create an integrated television set that is completely easy to use,’ he told me. ‘It would be seamlessly synced with all of your devices and with iCloud.’ No longer would users have to fiddle with complex remotes for DVD players and cable channels. ‘It will have the simplest user interface you could imagine. I finally cracked it.’


Let's see if Apple comes out with a Apple Television...

24th October 2011, 08:56 PM
It is a safe bet this will happen - the question is when. From what I gather, the better informed Apple pundits are suggesting that Siri will be the manner in which the TV is controlled (or something similar). Steve's aim was a minimalist approach to devices. The question will be whether Apple in fact bring out a TV (what size for example?) or more likely, and add-on device similar to a set top box which controls all devices e.g. TV, Blu-Ray player, gaming console etc.

25th October 2011, 11:08 PM
I believe him cracking it is a reference the current or future models of the TV. ANd not a television.