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19th September 2011, 12:01 AM
Hi Guys,

New to MAC and VMWare World overall.

Here's my problem:-

I have fired up 4 VMs on my Fusion, these are for my Checkpoint Lab Preps:-
1. Win 7 with IP range
2. 2 x RedHat Linux VMs with and
3. 1 x RedHat Linux VM with
The Virtual Adapters selected are HOST ONLY as I do not need Internet on these. As long as they talk to each other its fine.

Now when I created the last VM and placed it in network in HOST ONLY, it completely stopped talking to all of the 10.1 VMs.
Here is what I have done so far in an attempt to get them talking:-
1.Changed Interface type to NAT and Bridged (even though I do not need it for my setup) NO CHANGE.
2.Rebooted the entire set of VMs. NO CHANGE.
3.Put the last VM from 10.2 range to 10.1 and everything started working.

My conclusion was that as FUSION has NO WAY of explicitly defining manual VMNET interfaces (apart from the standard 3), which is where I am stuck.

Is there a limit on HOST-ONLY option for the number of VMs? Also, Does anyone know if HOST ONLY supports routing by Default BETWEEN VMs?

I thought I would keep going further with all VMs in the same NET, but as expected, my lab is all broken and I cant go further :(

Need to know 2 Things:-
1. Have I done the right thing by putting all the VMs in HOST ONLY? Based on VMWAREs explanation I think I have. Anything that you guys can suggest that I have missed here which could be tried?
2. Is there a way to get an option of additional (manual) VMNETs in Fusion, the way we see it in Workstation? I tried searching on Google but all results show up for Workstation and not for Fusion.

19th September 2011, 12:36 PM
the way i read what you wrote its doing as expected, and shouldn't be able to talk to each other without some form of routing in between, as as you described above there is none of this happening, is this what the Labs is meant to add with the firewall of some sort?

Cheers Hewball

1st October 2011, 05:16 PM
What's the lab for? Curious?
Meanwhile, you need a linux machine acting as a router to route the traffic between the subnets, as Fusion is not going to do this. So put 2 interfaces on one of the linux hosts that has subnet 10.1.1.x and 10.2.2.x and route between those subnets via this machine.

5th October 2011, 08:52 PM
Hi Guys

Sorry about not replying earlier completely forgot I had posted here.
Hewball is right in hindsight. I found similar answers somewhere and even went about making a IPCOP VM which was taking care of the routing but it still failed.
I gave up blaming fusion and tried the same setup on VMWARE workstation on my DELL Laptop and it did the same.
At that point I realised that this is Checkpoint FIrewall and not VM or routing in general

I needed some static routes which pointed the internal 10 network to the external network to get the routing working to start with.
But more importantly, as hewball pointed out, Checkpoint firewall was doing what it was meant to be doing. It needed some rules configured so it could route off the local subnet[despite of having valid routes]. Just configuring static routes was no good. It needed a basic policy.

I only got confused because as I posted in my original Question everything on the local subnet was working and so I thought even without rules it should all talk to eachother.

Fusion is perfect as and HOST ONLY interfaces is the way to go if you want your VMs to talk to EO and not go off to the internet......

Thanks for your assistance


This Lab is for CCSA exams. The checkpoint entry level Cert.


14th October 2011, 07:44 PM
This Lab is for CCSA exams. The checkpoint entry level Cert.

Ah, I was running a couple of Linux and Windows virtual machines to run some CommVault Simpana stuff, but it was too slow on the Mac Mini with 8Gb ram, besides not enough disk space, so I just run it on a i5 2400 PC with more internal drive space, besides about to get 16gb of ram.

Fusion and Workstation both great products, where would we be without virtualization these days.. so easy for when I need to do my certs and practise stuff. Currently doing some LPI certs, will get Level 1 and Level 2 done before I jump back to finish off Microsoft Enterprise Admin (2 exams to go). I am going cert crazy of late :) helps support those 16+ years of experience I figure