View Full Version : Ibook G3 sound questions

11th August 2004, 11:04 PM
Hi guys, finally got myself an ibook but im still learning the ropes with this crazy mac stuff :).

Just a quick question about the sound settings.

I've got my stereo hooked up atm through the headphone port and under the sound output settings it says the output device is headphones & has no other options. Is this the correct/only way to hook up a stereo to a G3 ibook or can it be done differently with the AV cable (i dont have one of these yet), etc?

Thanks for any advice.

12th August 2004, 12:17 PM
Headphone socket is fine, that's how all my macs are/were hooked up.

13th August 2004, 10:10 PM
Cheers, sound quality isn't as good as my nforce 2 based pc was but it's good enough i suppose. :)

13th August 2004, 11:38 PM
The Headphone socket - judging by the numerous Mac's I've used is a volume variable line out - just like the headphone socket on a radio, walkman etc. I've found that the best seeting is about 80% of full volume on the Mac, then direct cable out into the stereo system. From there you should have acceptable sound, Full volume is ok, but some lesser quality systems show a bit of clipping, so long as you are going into a line in input - video, tape, cd etc, all should be fine. The 3.5mm to Left/Right RCA adapter is a very useful addition for this set up.

If you can spring for a Griffin iMic (about $120) and output via USB the quality is better but you may not notice the difference.

If you wanted to get 5.1 surround then you would need to look at some other kind of adapter which may not be available for a G3 iBook, but you never know. The majority of music only needs stereo its only when you want the special sound effects of Terminator 2 or similar that you will notice a lack.