View Full Version : Updating iLife with the Mac Box set

10th June 2011, 01:19 PM
Recently received as a gift the Mac Box set that has Snow Leopard iLife and iWork.

So I'm installing this on a 2008 Mac Pro that came with Leopard and iLife.

No Issues and everything works fine after updating the system to Snow Leopard.

Can't see any issues with installing iWork as I've already dragged iWork 08 that i had to the trash.

What's the best way to upgrade iLife though. Leave the current version installed and just install the newer on. Will that just update the older version? Or should I delete iPhoto (complete with photo's) iMovie and GarageBand and install the newer, as it looks like that's the only apps the newer iLife has?
If I do a delete and install what will happen regarding the photo's.

The system is backed up with time machine, so I can recover if it all goes wrong. Just like to do it correctly the first time.