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4th June 2011, 11:22 AM
This has been all over the web in the last couple of days.

Ars have now posted that they think it may be A4 or A5 driven using iOS to do the work.

iOS-powered Time Capsule update could cache updates, sync with iCloud (http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/2011/06/time-capsule-update-could-cache-software-updates-sync-with-icloud.ars)

What I don't see here is a possible other option. One that I think we would all like to see.

Home Media Server. This, with iOS at it's heart, would be freaking awesome.

4th June 2011, 01:56 PM
An iOS-powered home media server would be pretty nifty, especially as iTunes 10 effectively killed all the existing NAS based iTunes servers.

4th June 2011, 02:00 PM
Home Media Server. This, with iOS at it's heart, would be freaking awesome.

Definitely want something like this.
Iím about due for a new AEX and I have been toying with the idea of a time capsule. This would tip me over the line immediately

4th June 2011, 05:42 PM
'k'n oath!! Apple have needed something to go up against Windows Home Server for over two years now, and a Mini Server is either too much for too little, or too complex for the average iLover and becomes overkill when cheap NASboxen can do what they want for half the price and quintuple the storage options.

A Time Capsule that can maintain TM backups, hold a centralised iTunes library and Store access management for the multiple machines of a typical iFamily, feed an AppleTV (or two), and automagically put everything on your iCloud, would sell faster than nipple pikelets at a pancake convention.

Bring it on!

4th June 2011, 07:00 PM
Fingers crossed then eh?

Please note though.. This is pure speculation on my part, obviously. Would be really awesome if Apple turn home media servers on their head with this though.