View Full Version : does iphone4 turn on and work in wifi without a microsim?

27th May 2011, 08:58 AM
does iphone4 turn on and work in wifi without a microsim?

i havent tried it yet cause i cant find the pin to release my simcard.

i reckon it would probably be on the initial connect to itunes screen like when i first bought my phone?

Anyway, the reason why I ask is... that i am going to Europe on friday and i will be leaving my Telstra sim at home and want to use my iphone apps in the plane...
So if it works without a sim (like an ipod??) then i am sweet.
But if it needs a sim, maybe i can buy a cheap international prepaid card here in Oz just so that the phone at least turns on, connects and then i can use free wifi along the way??

Any suggestions ?????


27th May 2011, 01:38 PM
you dont need a sim in it afaik. without a sim, your iphone4 will be a stylish ipod touch.

28th May 2011, 11:37 PM
Out of the box? You need a SIM to activate it and iTunes.

After that? Yes, it turns on. Yes, it works without a SIM. Not as a phone though.

If you've already set up the phone and it's all working etc, ejecting the SIM is fine and leaving it at home. If you're going overseas, why not just leave the SIM in there and turn on airplane mode? Another idea is just to leave it in and _not_ unlock the SIM (assuming you have a PIN on it).

29th May 2011, 05:30 AM
I've got my original iphone 1 without its sim doubling as my in-house audiobook reader. Its fine, you don't need a sim as long as its already activated. It will even work as a GPS device without one.

When you talk about finding the pin to release the sim card... do you mean releasing as in allowing the phone to be used on any network, or releasing as in ejecting from the iphone? If the latter, you only need a paperclip. I've never used the supplied thingy yet.