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5th November 2005, 07:30 AM
[Originally posted in Software General, really belongs here, sorry for the duplication]

Hi All,

You might be interested in getting some statistics from your iTunes Music Library. Of course you might not either. But if you are, I have just posted a script (http://girtby.net/offerings/itunes-ratings-stats/) which may be useful.

This is a script that will slice’n'dice your iTunes music library and tell you the distribution of rated tracks. You find out how many have one star, how many have two, etc. You also find out the percentages for each rating, as well as the cumulative percentage.

Why is this useful? See the accompanying blog post (http://girtby.net/archives/2005/11/03/itunes-library-preening/) for more justification, but basically the idea is to tell you the distribution of ratings in your library in order to get some idea of how you are rating the tracks. Armed with this knowledge you can adjust the ratings to meet targets. For example, if you wanted to reserve a five-star rating for the top 10% of tracks, you might want to know the percentage of your current five-star tracks in order to know whether to demote some of them to four-stars, or to promote some of the four-star tracks to five.

Enclosed is a compulsory screenshot.

Enjoy it, let me know what you think.