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  1. Article: Opinion: Farewell, iOS Gaming
  2. Article: Rocksmith 2014 review
  3. Article: In The Market for a 13" Retina MacBook Pro? Get the 13" MacBook Air Instead
  4. Article: How to Get Apple to Replace a Defective Out-of-Warranty iPhone in Australia
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  8. Article: Bossjock Studio and iMic Cast
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  10. Article: A Love Letter to Pandora Internet Radio
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  15. Article: A Surface Pro 4 Review - or not. Surface Pro 3 final closing
  16. Article: OSX Lion Review
  17. Article: Thursday Morning News
  18. Article: Wednesday Morning News
  19. Article: A Surface Pro 4 Review - or not. Surface Pro 3 final closing
  20. Article: RamCity's $500 RAM Giveaway!
  21. Article: Rant - Putting the iPhone 4S Into Perspective
  22. Article: Monday Morning News
  23. Article: Five Reasons Australians SHOULD Buy an iPad 2
  24. Article: MacTalk Has a New Owner - Niche Media!
  25. Article: Crackle
  26. Article: Monday Morning News
  27. Article: Thursday Morning News
  28. Article: Is RIM Behind the Embarrassing Wake Up Stunt?
  29. Article: MacTalk @ Planet of the Apps - Sydney 2011
  30. Article: Apple launches iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch, Apple Pay
  31. Article: A Surface Pro 4 Review - or not. Surface Pro 3 final closing
  32. Article: Thursday News Roundup
  33. Article: New Year’s Resolutions App Round-Up: Part 2 - Be Frugal and Save Your Money
  34. Article: So this is Final Cut Pro X
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  36. Article: Movie Poster Screensaver for Plex and Apple TV
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  38. Article: Why September could point to the first Macbook tablet
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  42. Article: Networks and You - Part 1: Introduction
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  50. Article: What's an SSD and what can it really do?
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  52. Article: Ultimate Addons Motorcycle/Bicycle iPhone Mount
  53. Article: Sponsored Post: Digital Camera Warehouse & ContourHD
  54. Article: 60 Minute Millionaires
  55. Article: Pull up an Orange Sofa, MacTalk, and grab a seat. Let's have a chat.
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  57. Article: My, what a great iPhone you have!
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  76. Article: myFC PowerTrekk portable fuel cell charger
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  79. Article: CompareMe
  80. Article: Tuesday Morning News
  81. Article: Smartphone Scanner in a foldup box - review of the Scanbox
  82. Article: Wednesday Morning News
  83. Article: Samsung wins tablet battle with Apple
  84. Article: A Surface Pro 4 Review - or not. Surface Pro 3 final closing
  85. Article: A Surface Pro 4 Review - or not. Surface Pro 3 final closing
  86. Article: Thursday News Roundup
  87. Article: Thursday News Roundup
  88. Article: Review: Big Jambox
  89. Article: Can we talk about pants for a second?
  90. Article: Apple Magic Mouse: form over function?
  91. Article: Can the iPhone 5 camera really replace your point-and-shoot?
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  104. Article: Preparing for Lion
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  106. Article: Thursday News Roundup
  107. Article: Evernote or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Buttons
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  110. Article: iOS Carrier Bundles Demystified
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  121. Article: iOS Carrier Bundles Demystified
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  124. Article: Thursday Morning News
  125. Article: The Educators iPad mini review
  126. Article: Beginners guide to choosing your first SSD (Solid State Drive)
  127. Article: Lightroom 4 vs Aperture - Clash of the titans
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  130. Article: Welcome to the new design!
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  132. Article: iTravel Stress-free: flying with iPhones and Passbook
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  140. Article: Welcome to MacTalk (4.0)
  141. Article: Hardware Review: PADACS Power Case for iPhone 4
  142. Article: Thursday News Roundup
  143. Article: Thursday News Roundup
  144. Article: Thursday News Roundup
  145. Article: Thursday News Roundup
  146. Article: Thursday News Roundup
  147. Article: Wednesday Morning News
  148. Article: Thursday News Roundup
  149. Article: What this owner of three iPads thinks of his new Nexus7
  150. Article: Tim Cook hints that mobile payments are on their way
  151. Article: Thursday News Roundup
  152. Article: Music Subscription Services - MOG vs. Rdio vs. JB Hi-Fi vs. Spotify vs. Deez
  153. Article: iOS Carrier Bundles Demystified
  154. Article: Sponsored Post: Digital Camera Warehouse & Canon
  155. Article: Wednesday Morning Fuse
  156. Article: Is there a new Apple Store opening in South Melbourne?
  157. Article: Who won a date with Woz?
  158. Article: Monday Morning News
  159. Article: Wednesday Morning News
  160. Article: iOS App Reviews - Magazine Showcase
  161. Article: Sponsored Post - Digital Camera Warehouse & Canon 60D
  162. Article: Friday Morning News
  163. Article: Happy Birthday Steve
  164. Article: RamCity Are Giving Away An iPad 2!
  165. Article: Wednesday Morning News
  166. Article: Top Mac designer says Samsung ‘copied’ Apple’s screen and icon designs in pa
  167. Article: CES snippets: Microsoft speaks
  168. Article: Protest at Apple Sydney Store, work of Samsung's 'Wake up' Galaxy campaign?
  169. Article: Thursday Morning News
  170. Article: The Problem With Evernote
  171. Article: iOS Carrier Bundles Demystified
  172. Article: iPad mini Review
  173. Article: Stickers and Magic - An Evernote Moleskin Notebook Review
  174. Article: Great People, Great Experiences, and One Great Community
  175. Article: Join MacTalk for Live Coverage of the WWDC Keynote 2012
  176. Article: Wednesday Winning Words
  177. Article: Windows on your Mac
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  179. Article: Podcasting 101 - Make Sure You Don't Sound Like Crap
  180. Article: Logitech G550 PowerShell controller + battery
  181. Article: Opinion: What iOS Still Needs
  182. Article: Cygnett Insound Noise Cancelling Headphones
  183. Article: Sponsored Post: Digital Camera Warehouse & GoPro
  184. Article: Monday Melbourne News
  185. Article: Thursday Morning News
  186. Article: The Problem With Evernote
  187. Article: Networks and You - Part 6: Wireless
  188. Article: Friday Morning News
  189. Article: Apple's silent treatment
  190. Article: Reminder: WWDC 2012 Live Stream
  191. Article: Tuesday Morning Ruse
  192. Article: Wednesday Morning News
  193. Article: Kaiser Baas Network TV Tuner
  194. Article: Review: Withings Smart Baby Monitor
  195. Article: Hardware Review: Unique iPhone 4 Case Roundup
  196. Article: WWDC 2012 event summary
  197. Article: Google acquires Motorola Mobility
  198. Article: Monday Morning News
  199. Article: Thursday Morning News
  200. Article: In-Apptitude - 14 Days Of Free To Play
  201. Article: Want to Write For MacTalk?
  202. Article: Friday Morning News
  203. Article: Review - Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  204. Article: Tuesday Morning News
  205. Article: The Microsoft Surface - The nail in the iPad coffin?
  206. Article: App Review: Fantastical for iPhone
  207. Article: Live Audio Commentary of WWDC 2011! 2:45AM, 7th June
  208. Article: Weekend News
  209. Article: Monday Morning News
  210. Article: iPad Mini LTE Review
  211. Article: Weekend News
  212. Article: Tuesday Morning News
  213. Article: Notes Plus 3 App Review
  214. Article: Samsung clones Apple again as Sydney store opens
  215. Article: Sponsored Post: Digital Camera Warehouse & Olympus
  216. Article: Assassin’s Creed: Pirates Review
  217. Article: Review: Product RED iPad Smart Case
  218. Article: Planning a Wedding in the Post PC Era
  219. Article: Apple and it's future with the iPhone (and Dinosaurs)
  220. Article: Monday Morning Ruse
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  224. Article: Email Deconstructed
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  229. Article: Thursday Morning News
  230. Article: Thursday Morning News
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  232. Article: MonCarbon Smartt Mate Carbon Fiber iPad2 case (Smart Cover compatible)
  233. Article: Monday Morning News
  234. Article: Meal Snap
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  237. Article: Earpods: a marvel of design, but do they sound any good?
  238. Article: Al Gore's dedication to Tim Cook as one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influent
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