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    Exclamation Government censorship

    I can't believe this hasn't been raised as an issue here yet?! (point me in the right direction if Im wrong)

    There is a major crime against the Australian people in the planning.

    A small and well-connected group of individuals, some with extreme and/or religious zealot views, are plotting to steal and destroy some of the most basic of rights that we take for granted. If they succeed, we will be subjected to:

    * Internet access between 30 - 86% slower
    * Internet access costing significantly more (for the slower speeds)
    * Numerous legitimate websites accidentally blocked by a faceless blacklist (no more youtube or any site where copyright infringement is questionable)
    * Constant additions to the blacklist which will further curtail our civil liberties from here until forever
    * Being the punch line in a global joke, in that we will be on par with China, Iran, North Korea and Cuba in terms of government control
    * Secure internet transactions being spied upon (yes including internet banking)
    * Many other downsides, no upsides.

    This group of conspiring radicals are loosely based around a handful of ringleaders named Rudd, Conroy, Fielding, Xenophon. They want to impose their personal moral code upon us all in the name of "protecting the children". It's a powerful mantra which helps them paint their opposers as anti-child-protection but when considered carefully, means nothing and will achieve a miniscule step towards doing anything for children, but will destroy civil liberty for all people of the country.

    Don't take my word for it, see the following to learn more from tech experts and informed insiders:

    Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) - protecting and promoting online civil liberties


    [note this is not anti-Labor or pro any particular party: although Labor is pushing this wagon now, Howard was keen on it for a long time years ago. It transcends politcial party line and goes all the way to what we expect of our basic human rights. The fact that there is no enshrined Bill of Rights is another issue, Im talking about the rights that the man on the street perceives to have.]

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    Yes, we know about this -- there is a large and active thread on this issue.

    Please take your discussion there.

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