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    Default Selective tethering question

    Hi all

    My wife and I travel together on the train each morning and both use ipads.
    My ipad has a 4G 10G Amaysim card but my wifes does not
    My iphone has a data plan but only 1.5 G, which I hardly use at all
    I want my wife to use my data via tethering to browse on the train as I dont use it but my monthly data allowance will not cover both of us if we both tether.
    I therefore only want to tether her appliance but keep mine on the 4G.
    Despite this my ipad always seem to tether as well which I dont want as if we both tether my data allowance is exceeded at the end of the month.
    How can I tether hers only and not mine?

    Thanks for your help

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    G'day wokka,

    Heads-up - This site is dead. Was mediocre to start, amazing for a while, then purchased by idiots who have done everything except for turn off the lights...

    For Apple/Mac/etc advice, particular if you're Aussie, I suggest:

    AppleTalk | By and for Apple enthusiasts.


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