This is a little frustrating...

I have linked my Yahoo mail address to MAIL on my newish MacBook Pro a couple of months ago.

But the MAIL app only shows SENT mails that I have sent on this MacBook. It does not show any of the SENT mails I send from the web version of Yahoo when at work....or send on my iPhone. or elsewhere.

And the MAIL app inbox does not show any new mail....only replies to emails I have composed on this MacBook.

In short, MAIL is proving useless because it does not fully sync with the online mailbox when I view it at Yahoo!7

At present, MAIL is only working on the MacBook in relation to mails composed on it. On the MAIL app, I have not had any new emails for a month now. On the internet version of my Yahoo mail, I am getting, as usual, 20 emails a day.

I have gone through System Preferences and Yahoo Mail help time and again and tried a few things.........all I seem to have succeeded in doing is to somehow a month ago turn the inbox ''off'' in MAIL app on the Mac, when I first started using my Macbook I did get all my emails as per normal for a few weeks.

HELP! I really need mail to sync fully, otherwise i may as ell just use the online version. Which is just not as convenient as you know. Cheers.