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    Default Adding a Data pack to a Telstra Cap plan

    I'm looking at getting onto a Telstra Cap plan because of the network and extra bonus data offer. But data avail is still too low. I want to tether my iphone to laptop and do stuff through that.

    Is it possible to add a bolt-on data pack to a cap plan? i.e. If my cap plan has 500MB data included. Then can I buy a $49 data pack to get extra 3GB when I need to? And then remove it later?

    I don't like the idea of locking in a data limit over the life of a contract.
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    The Telstra data packs are not contracts, so you can add and remove them as you wish. However, when you add or remove a pack, it doesn't take effect until your next billing cycle.

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    I was under the impression adding a data pack would add it to your current billing cycle in a pro-rata amount/cost, and you would get a charge on your next bill for the pro-rate cost and for the next month's full amount.

    If you then canceled the following month you would likely get a pro-rata credit for the upfront payment.

    If you talk to a Telstra rep they'll give you the exact details.

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    Data packs are charged the day that you start. not on your billing cycle. My bill is on the 19th and data rolls over on the 10th every month
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