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    Question keyboard - number pad

    A bit puzzled here..
    Just got an Imac, after using a Macbook for a couple of years. Need to be in Windows a bit and used an apple keyboard with the Macbook, no problem there...
    Now doing the same with the Imac, but windows won't recognise the number pad on the keyboard.... The Macbook has a "num lock" that I did need to activate, of course the Imac has no such facility.
    Contacted Apple help for advice and subsequently reinstalled all drivers related to bootcamp and windows, updated Mac osx and then updated windows for good measure.
    Same result....
    Rang Apple help again to have some chap tell me it would be a windows setting and that I should trawl through control panel to find said setting in order to activate the number pad.
    No luck there...
    Has anybody gotten on top of this....?

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    Apple.com has a kb article on the mapping of Windows keys on an Apple keyboard. suprised Apple Support tech didnt direct you there?

    Boot Camp: Apple Keyboard (Ultra?thin USB) keyboard mapping in Windows

    the "clear" button is Num lock in Windows.
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    How *****ng simple was that....?
    I too am surprised the apple genius couldn't direct me to that article...
    This is great, I use the num pad all day in Autocad.
    Thanks, take the rest of the day off....!

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