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    Default OSX and the USB Telstra Next G Card

    Ok, i thought i would post this as i spent countless hours yesterday trying to get one of these working though when armed with the correct information its is a simple 2 minute process.

    Now firstly this only works for the Orange Telstra USB Turbo Modem, the blue bigpond model uses a different driver. Also vice versa the big pond driver will not work with the Telstra modem as i found out though even most Telstra people i talked to didnt even realise this. Can you believe one person actually told me to download the windows drivers and try them!

    Download the MAC driver here --> Download Maxon Drivers & Manuals

    The zip file contains the driver/Utility and instructions on how to connect (READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!). It worked a treat on my Leopard MBP. There is one very IMPORTANT step at the start of the instructions so i'll point it out here also... You must put the sim card into a phone and disable the PIN request security on the SIM card or this will not work.

    Overall the card works well, speed is very impressive. Cost of the plans is well ridiculous but hey my work pays for it so that not a big issue for me.

    Hope this helps someone.


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    What alot of people dont think about and most Telstra employees dont know about is that they are just automated modems. If you have a driver that recognises them you can set them up literally like a standard dial up modem. You enter telstras number (which staff also dont know), then your using name and password and "dial up". One way to get around the sisue when telstras software doesnt work for you.

    I learnt this way when Vista first came out and wasnt "supported" by telstra so none of the bloody things worked.
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    You'll find that Telstra's Wireless Data Customer Support (for Telstra-branded modems only, not Bigpond) can be quite helpful for both Mac OSX and Vista where possible. You just need to get through the level 1 consultant first.

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    Can anyone get this to work on Snow Leopard?

    I have the Orange Telstra Maxon USB3 and it doesn't work.

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