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    Default MBA for work, will be dualbooting

    Hi all

    I'm starting a new job in a couple of weeks and am going to be on the road all day. Because of this, my late 08 MBP will be retired to home use due to only having 2-3 hour battery life.

    I am thinking of replacing it with a current model MBA and dual booting windows 7 on it for some of the work apps (Configuring Cisco gear over USB to SER)

    My only setback is the lack of a Ethernet port, which I'm hoping will be overcome by Apple's USB Ethernet adapter. Does anyone know if these work in Windows 7 32 bit?

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    USB-RS232 adaptor ought to work in a VM rather than BootCamp.

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    Default USB to Ethernet works on a MBA with Win7 BUT!

    It seems to have FRIED 3 ports on a +$1000 Cisco Catalyst 2960 switch. Anyone else experience Switch Ports going bad after connecting this Apple USB to Ethernet adapter with the standard drivers that probably came on the MBA Bootcamp driver package.

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    I used my MBA for work using Win 7 and the USB to Ethernet port adapter and connecting to a corporate LAN for over a year without a single problem.
    The ONLY time it crashed was when I yanked out the USB-Ethernet cable while saving a file to the server and trying to put the machine to sleep - all at the same time, so self inflicted crash!


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