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    Default Ubuntu With Boot Camp

    I want to set up a dual boot setup on my 2011 13" MacBook Pro, OS X Lion/Ubuntu Linux. Problem is, I don't want to install rEFIt, I don't like hacks like that. I was wondering if I could just install Ubuntu with Boot Camp like I'd do if I were installing Windows, completely bypassing the need for rEFIt?

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    There's no problem with rEFIT, it's not really a "hack". I've used it and it works fine, it actually makes things easier than bootcamp IMHO.

    Though I've never used Ubuntu with it, only Windows.

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    Dave, stick to keeping Ubuntu in a virtual machine -- running Ubuntu on modern Apple laptops significantly increases the chance of a catastrophic CPU failure, as Ubuntu has absolutely no idea on how to control Apple's custom SMC power management chip, which leaves the CPU in a permanently over-volted state.

    Don't fall for the assumption that Intel CPU = compliant computer. With Apple gear, this is never the case.

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