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    Default Trouble with iforgot.apple.com!


    So I need to reset, and boy since they last time I did something like this with Apple, it has become stupid!

    First off, I try...

    Option 2: Access your account information and change your password by answering the security question(s) provided when you originally signed up for your Apple ID.

    And it rejects my security questions, which I know are right

    So I try...

    Option 1: To access your account information and change your password, we can send you an email at:

    And enter my email, and the site says it's all okay and check my email, nothing, wait a few minutes, nothing, wait longer, nothing, I give up.

    Next morning I check email and I get this... (Link bit kept private)

    To reset your Apple password, please click on the link below or copy and paste the address onto your web browser's address window. Once you're on the web page, you will be instructed to enter and confirm your new password.


    Please note that this link will expire 3 hours from the time it was sent.

    I don't know what time it was really sent, in respect to my local time, so I am going like WTF!

    When I click the link, and/or copy paste it, and get this...

    Invalid link: We apologize but we are unable to verify the link you are using to access this page. Please try again or select "continue" to return to the main page.

    This say nothing about the time running out, just a message that suggests maybe I need to copy paste it, but same issue.

    Does anyone else think that iforgot.apple.com is the worst system out there? I have seen much better systems, and Apple should be ashamed of theirs.

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    Update: Well I got it working now, Apple's email came quicker this time, so it worked.

    Also in regards Option 2, the issue was I used lower case first letter of the word in the setting, but typed it as upper case when trying to reset. Yes my fault somewhat, but you might think that a security question should not be case sensitive.

    I still think the system is stupid.

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    Default If you want to Recover Apple ID

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