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    Default Autograph and Pogo Sketch Combination - Review

    Autograph is a software package supplied by a company called Ten One Design. One Ten is also the company responsible for the Pogo Sketch and Pogo Stylus for those who aren't familiar with them.

    The basic premise of Autograph and the Pogo Sketch is to allow Mac users the ability to add signatures to their documents using the multitouch mouse pad found on some of the newer Macbook's and Macbook Pro's.

    Because signing a document using your finger is about as easy as trying to open a can with your teeth (Try signing with the demo version of the software and you'll understand how tough it is), Ten One Design offer the Pogo Sketch combination package but you can buy the software alone if you feel you have a viable alternative for signatures.

    The Pogo Sketch, for those who don't know, was originally designed for the iPhone as something called the Pogo Stylus. The Stylus version itself made no sense to me but I'm sure some of the iPhone users would have liked it. The Sketch on the other hand is a longer and more suited for the trackpad found on laptops as it allows you to sign like you would with a normal pen. Aestethically, it looks good and seems perfect for the job which its designed to do.

    Now that we've covered the basics, lets move on to the software. Autograph is a fairly basic software package with one thing in mind, signing. There is a reason it sells for $7, its a fairly simple and effective package so don't expect the holy grail of digital signatures, it simply does what its designed to do.

    To create a signature on a document (or email), simply type Control Option A and then sign on the signature box that appears on your screen. If you are not happy with the signature, escape will delete it and you can sign again. When you're happy with it, just press enter and the results will be enter into your document or pasted to your desktop. The software works with most applications including word, mail, pages and preview (only picture formats, not PDF)

    If you're wondering about the strange colour in these pictures, the signature pad is transparent so its showing my desktop wallpaper through.

    The blank pad

    My Mactalk signature

    Here is a screencam showing how it inserts the signature

    Autograph doesn't have a massive amount of preferences or configuration options. It does allow you to copy the signature to the desktop for example. This shows the configuration options available to users:

    Although the Pogo Sketch works with any application on OSX, the only thing I really found lacking from Autograph was the ability to sign PDF's, be it in Preview or Acrobat. You can still do it by converting to JPG and back to PDF but it must be fairly simple to incorporate integration into Adobe's annotation functionality. To be fair to Autograph, at $7 for software, you can hardly complain about a lack of features though, but I'd happily pay a couple more bucks to see this functionality added.

    The only warning I can give is to buy the software from the One Ten site and purchase the Pogo Sketch off eBay. Its not that One Ten try to rip you off, its just their shipping method is a tad on the expensive side, so there are cheaper shipping options for the same product on eBay. If you have a couple of buyers, then One Ten is practical for shipping, but for one, it works out nearly double the price. On the down side, my eBay shipper took nearly 3 weeks to get it to me, so thats the price you pay for cheaper shipping from the USA.
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