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    Default Thursday Morning News

    Thursday Morning News-islidertuaw-title.jpg
    First cab off the ranks this morning is Photoshop Touch, which is now available for the iPhone. The powerful image editing app from Adobe was previously only available for the iPad, where it commands a fair $10.49. Adobe has made the iPhone edition available as a separate app; it's not a Universal app compatible with both iPhone and iPad, and if you already own the iPad version and want the iPhone you'll have to purchase it again. Fortunately, at $5.49 it's not as expensive as it's older sibling.

    Apple's recent shareholder meeting had Tim Cook speak on a range of topics, including how Apple are looking into new categories for future products. Cook was expectedly coy about which categories specifically, but it's a good bet one of those categories includes wearable computing. CNBC has the full transcript.

    Apple lost to a company called VirnetX in the courts last year relating to virtual private networks used as a part FaceTime. They were ordered to pay in excess of US $368 million by the courts, and now they've been denied retrial and have been ordered to reach a settlement within 45 days. In case you're wondering, it means VirnetX will be awarded some $311,211 every day until the companies sort out the royalties and other finer details.

    Also in the courts recently was the case of Apple vs errant in-app purchases. Apparently, parents sued Apple for allowing their children to buy in-app purchases from freely downloaded games and apps without their permission. Apple has now settled the case, and the settlement amount is somewhat hilarious: the grand sum of $5 in iTunes credit or a five dollar note in cash to all affected parties.

    Marco Arment asks why MacBooks don't come with cellular networking, and it's a good question: Apple already sell the iPad with a cellular networking option, so why aren't they doing a similar sort of thing with their portable range? Arment is mostly concerned with the small data caps and fast download speeds with current cellular networking tech, two things that don't really go hand in hand. Small data caps might not be such an issue on the iPad when you're out and about, but they're definitely something to stay away from on a computer.

    Kontra also has a good piece up this morning about an interim solution to iOS multitasking. There's a lot of things you can do within an individual app these days, but the one thing that still doesn't work as fluidly as it should is communication between apps. URL schemes and inter-app communication help, but they're hardly the solution that we're used to on the Mac, where things just work. Starting with a multi-slot clipboard, that could change.

    Instagram has 100 million active users per month now, and MacStories has a nice graph that shows the growth of the little social network that started out on the iPhone. Since then, Instagram has been released on Android, been acquired by Facebook, introduced both profile and stream views on the web *but there's still no official iPad app. Even so, 100 million active users is quite the achievement.

    Glui is the Mac app that offers trouble-free screenshot sharing to your Dropbox account. It offers annotations and automatic URL copying to the clipboard, but the one thing it is missing is the ability to resize screenshots *apart from that, however, it looks like an alright screenshot sharing tool.

    Apple are still planning to move into their spaceship campus by 2016. They're still working with the city of Cupertino to get approval for the building, and are planning to break ground later this year.

    TUAW shows off the Rain Design iSlider, a pocketable stand for your iPad. It works with both the full-size iPad and iPad mini, can hold your iPad up in either a portrait or landscape orientation, and even looks the part in brushed aluminium.

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    love the concept of the iSlider, went to their website to buy one, as usual, US suppliers use FedEx to mail to AU at extortionate cost of USD$56, for an item the sells for USD$50 that is rediculous!

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