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In case you haven't heard, smartwatches are the next big thing, at least as far as the greater tech press are concerned. Following the success of the Pebble on Kickstarter, it seems as though everyone wants Apple to make a smartwatch; and if the patent filings are to be believed, they are. Their concept for a slap-on wristwatch with a flexible touchscreen conjures images of the sleekest, coolest watch-slash-accessories around alas, like every patent filing, comes with the caveat that such a product might only exist in patent-fantasy land and not in the real world.

370 million people visited an Apple store in 2012. The Mac Observer puts that number into perspective: Disney's 13 theme parks had 125 million visitors in 2011, and while the number doesn't compare directly to the 394 Apple stores, Disney's parks are much larger. The Super Bowl had 111 million spectators. And while we're talking pure numbers, 370 million is some 5.2% of the world population.

Macworld's review of the Mophie Juice Pack Helium describes it as a solid battery case for the iPhone 5. Like other Mophie products, it's a quality product that does the job nicely, albeit with a smaller capacity than other battery cases.

With the recent spate of hackings and security vulnerabilities due to Java, it might be worth considering disabling Java entirely on your Mac. Even Apple's recent security update forces users to download the latest version of Java from the Oracle website, but if you're not using Java, you might as well disable it entirely. Macworld show you how.

One of the biggest problems that comes with mobile gaming (on the iPhone, iPad, or Android devices) is the often convoluted control schemes. From tilt-controls to the abhorrent on-screen dpads and the like, an uncomfortable control scheme can totally spoil and otherwise great game. To that end, The Verge has a comparison of hardware gamepads for your smartphone unfortunately, the one downside with those is that specific support has to be built into your game du jour.

Run out of money for your documentary when you're shooting somewhat expensive Super 8 film? It's okay, there's an app for that. What's more, the results are from the app were comparable to the real thing.

Mac AppStorm has a piece on customising Adium that might be a good alternative to those who need an upgrade to Messages, or support for other protocols. Apparently, there's a lot to love about the duck: one of which is an impressive set of plugins and themes.

You're probably already in love with a read-later service such as Instapaper or Pocket, so what's the appeal of Reading List? Well, for one it's already inbuilt into iOS and OS X and you can use it as a easy way to send links between the two platforms easily with a minimum of fuss. You could do the same thing with Instapaper as well, of course, but Reading List is already there.

Art Levison says life after Steve Jobs as the chairman of Apple's board of directors is "weird". He hasn't finished reading the Steve Jobs biography, but he says the Steve Jobs who was seen in the public eye was very different to the Steve Jobs he knew.

You know it's been a slow news week when the last item on the Friday news is a Macintosh pen holder. Still, have an excellent weekend, folks.