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    Default Drag and Drop Photos

    I have photos in folders saved to a CD. I would like to drag and drop them into iPhoto under albums. Is there an easy way to do this rather than doing it individually?

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    Drag your photos to the desktop, then open iPhoto and drag them into that
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    Open the CD. Open a Folder of photos. Open iPhoto. Set the two windows so you can see them side by side.
    Click once in the Folder of photos window and then, on your keyboard, hold down the Apple key plus the A key. This will Select All the photos altogether. You can then release the two keys on your keyboard and then simply click down on just any photo and drag the whole lot into the iPhoto window.

    The menus equivalent of Apple and A is to: Click on menu item: Edit and scroll down to: Select All.

    This is a System wide command and will work with selecting all of anything, regardless of what you are working in.

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