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    Default How to unlock a Disabled Ipod touch

    Hi All
    My Daughter decided to Change her passcode on her Ipod Touch (3 month old Ipod)
    She retried and used all the chances to ulock it , It now says "Ipod Disabled" Connect to Itues.

    Now i have tried this and itunes wont recognise the device and it has never been backed up or connected to Itunes in the past.

    So my Question is , How do i unlock / Restore the ipdod?
    Do i need to take it to the Apple store or can i do it?

    Any help is much appreciated.


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    i'm no expert, but i would imagine you would have to connect it and restore it, wiping all data. have you tried plugging it into a computer? it might give you on screen instructions to avoid wiping data (i have not ever done this personally, just taking a guess :P). if there is any precious (photos, downloads, etc) i would reccomend taking it to an apple store as they will be able to give you the best answer.

    sorry i didn't really explain too well, i know for a fact that if you restore the ipod you will lose everything if it is not backed up, the rest is an educated guess, so please don't take it as gospel.

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