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    Default problem booting from my new bootcamp on new SSD

    I am trying to install bootcamp and windows 7 on my new SSD (27'imac 2011) - The old HDD is still connected and has bootcamp and win7 running. ( I wanted to get the new SSD up and running before cleaning up the old HDD) . The problem is, after I use bootcamp assistant to partition and install windows on the new drive, (off the bootable USB I created since I removed the optical drive) it automatically boots through the old bootcamp. This means I can't install the bootcamp on the new SSD.

    Any thoughts? Can I unmount or disconnect the old HDD temporarily allowing the new one to load or should I bite the bullet and clear the old HDD and try again?


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    G'day domvdm,

    Heads-up - This site is dead. Was mediocre to start, amazing for a while, then purchased by idiots who have done everything except for turn off the lights...

    For Apple/Mac/etc advice, particular if you're Aussie, I suggest:

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